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Bedford man charged with a dozen counts of domestic violence in Nashua

By Dean Shalhoup - Senior Staff Writer | Jun 24, 2020

Benjamin Galucki, 25, of 377 North Amherst Road, Bedford

NASHUA – Bedford resident Benjamin Galucki remained behind bars following Monday’s Superior Court hearing on the 13 charges – one felony and a dozen misdemeanors – police lodged against him in connection with an alleged series of assaults that landed a 23-year-old Nashua woman in the hospital.

According to police, Galucki, 25, of 377 North Amherst Road, is accused of attacking the woman after “becoming angry” while “looking through the contents of her cell phone,” and apparently finding things that allegedly prompted him to begin yelling at her.

The woman told police an angry Galucki allegedly punched her in the face and strangled her to the point “she was unable to breathe for approximately 10-15 seconds,” police said in their reports.

She accused him of “straddling her while she was in her bed,” police said. Galucki then allegedly “held her shoulders, head-butted her … then continued to verbally argue with her” until Galucki fell asleep at about 5 a.m. – roughly an hour and a half after the alleged verbal and physical assaults began.

Police said the alleged victim told them that when Galucki woke up – late for work – at about 6:40 a.m., he allegedly resumed verbally arguing with her, then allegedly straddled her again, police said.

This time, he allegedly punched her in the mouth, in the nose, and on the left and right sides of her face, police said. He also allegedly bit the right side of the woman’s neck, just below her ear, police added.

Next, Galucki allegedly head-butted her “approximately four times,” she told police. She was able to kick Galucki off of her, but he allegedly climbed back onto the bed and allegedly “wrapped his hands around” the woman’s neck.

She told police she was unable to breathe at that point, and was struggling to “pull his hands away from her neck,” police said.

She was eventually able to get Galucki to release her neck, she told police, but he then allegedly “wrapped his arm around her neck in an attempted to pull her down on the bed.”

Police said she was able to pull away, but “he again (allegedly) wrapped his arm around her neck and tried to pull her back.”

At that point, the woman told police, Galucki allegedly “backed off of her, and sat on her bedroom floor, crying.”

She told him to “take his belongings and leave her house,” police said, which he did, and drove off in his Toyota.

Police attempted to contact Galucki, but were unsuccessful, prompting them to issue a statewide be-on-the-lookout bulletin for him, police said.

A short time later, police said Galucki called police, telling them that his father told him they were looking for him.

In an interview with detectives, police said Galucki “made admissions to arguing” with the woman, but, police said, he denied having a physical altercation with her.

Asked about her injuries, Galucki allegedly told police “he was unable to describe how she received” them.

Around 5:30 p.m., some 14 hours after the series of alleged incidents began, police took Galucki into custody.

They charged him with one count of second-degree assault – domestic violence, a Class B felony, in connection with the alleged strangling.

All 12 Class A misdemeanor charges police filed against Galucki are on the charge of domestic violence ñ simple assault, according to the reports.

Galucki’s next court date wasn’t immediately known.

Dean Shalhoup may be reached at 594-1256 or dshalhoup@nashuatelegraph.com.


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