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Local Scholars

By Staff | Jun 13, 2020

Local College Graduates

Assumption College

John Behn of Amherst

Abigail Cunningham of Nashua

Callie Dwyer of Merrimack

Nicole McMorrow of Milford

Dana Mendes of Merrimack

Luke Orlando of Litchfield

Anya Rochussen of Litchfield

Hayden Stagnone of Litchfield

Clemson University

Owen P. Bailey of Merrimack

Benjamin A. Domingue of Bedford

Morgan K. Drew of Nashua

Paige Madison Kennett of Bedford

Samantha Elizabeth Mello of Hollis

Olivia A. Pare of Nashua

Fairfield University

Abigail H. Sakati of Hudson

Megan G. Murphy of Merrimack

Kelsi E. Farren of Nashua

Kathryn A. Mahoney of Nashua

Saint Anselm College

Hannah Bushey of Hudson

Maxwell Ernst of Hudson

Sarah Gilbert of Hudson

Meghan Sullivan of Hudson

Ryan Crowley of Londonderry

Eric Fairweather of Londonderry

Gianna Galluzzo of Londonderry

Breda Holland of Londonderry

Gillian Kayo of Londonderry

Colleen Toomy of Londonderry

Jack Landry of Merrimack

Joseph Young of Merrimack

Andrew Dah of Nashua

Kelly Fagan of Nashua

Kiera Kennedy of Nashua

Shane LeGraw of Nashua

Heather Roscoe of Nashua

Joseph Trabucchi of Nashua

Jacob Day of New Ipswich

Joshua Gagne of Weare

The University of Alabama

Samantha Anderson of Merrimack

Isabelle Beauregard of Merrimack

Victoria Bent of Brookline

Rachel Codair of Bedford

Abigail Edwards of Bedford

Michael Frost of Milford,

Thomas Reynolds of Bedford

University of New Hampshire

Elizabeth Masek of Nashua

Kate Martin of Hudson

Cory Kaufold of Milford

Bradley Johnson of Litchfield

Kelly Gibbons of Bedford

Phommachak Singhavong of Nashua

Connor Finucan of Hollis

Alexander Girard of Mont Vernon

Shannon Duffy of Merrimack

Katherine Heaney of Amherst

Kristen DuPont of Hollis

Gabrielle Mourousas of Hudson

Meaghan Coughlin of Litchfield

Paige Gibson of Merrimack

Allison Paluzzi of Nashua

Michelle Morrison of Bedford

Summer Johnson of Bedford

Jamie Lavoie of Nashua

Cassandra Putsch of Nashua

Ian Roberts of Merrimack

Caroline Truesdell of Hudson

Alexa Demember of Merrimack

Bridget Stockwell of Bedford

Meaghan Kalinowski of Amherst

Kurt Rockstrom of Amherst

Meghan Jerome of Bedford

Sean Power of Bedford

Jack Hamilton of Bedford

Zoey Shapiro of Bedford

Elizabeth Mullaney of Bedford

Silas Johnson of Bedford

William Murray of Bedford

Sidora VanEtten of Nashua

Siobhan Pelletier of Bedford

Joshua Bauer of Bedford

Michael Kitsis of Bedford

Amanda Lee of Bedford

Madeline Moynihan of Brookline

Andrew Bisbee of Brookline

Erin Casey of Brookline

Patrick Chang of Brookline

Cameron Chrystal of Brookline

Joe DeMaio of Hollis

Oliver Fetter of Hollis

Margaret Devlin of Hollis

McLane Wood of Hollis

Holly Eisenberg of Hollis

Bretton Belden of Hollis

Isabella Piercy of Hudson

Emily Sullivan of Merrimack

Sara Sherburne of Hudson

Erin Beals of Hudson

Jordyn Haime of Hudson

Noreen Syedah of Hudson

Kaylah Caires of Hudson

Cameron Richall of Hudson

Kathryn Stickney of Hudson

Meghan Otis of Litchfield

Sarah Hobbs of Litchfield

Austin Snell of Litchfield

Charlotte Bailey of Lyndeborough

Alexa Ladue of Hudson

Jordan Meaney of Merrimack

Keegan Porter of Merrimack

Kayla Valluzzi of Merrimack

Margaret Recks of Milford

Thomas Simo of Milford

Samantha Carlen of Milford

Frances Darnall of Mont Vernon

Nathan Sheeler of Nashua

Kayla Fallis of Nashua

Kiersten Gould of Nashua

Cameron Novotny of Nashua

Ryan Penkala of Nashua

Olivia Charron of Nashua

Christine Tringali of Nashua

Trey Patno of Nashua

Sarah Drake of Nashua

Elyssa Willard of Nashua

Lauren Ritter of Nashua

Darby O’Neil of Nashua

Sierra Mullin of Nashua

Evan Conners of Nashua

Emily Dion of Nashua

Matthew Follender of Nashua

Megan Barrett of Temple

Sara Holka of Wilton

Ingrid Havron of Merrimack

Shaina Eichel of Amherst

Andrew Smith of Bedford

Logan Major of Bedford

Daniel Johnson of Bedford

Erin Stowell of Hollis

Shannon Fitzpatrick of Hollis

Ashley Zimmerman of Hudson

Suzanne Lemire of Lyndeborough

Alicia Guzman of Merrimack

Danielle Ouellette of Nashua

Raegan Lynch of Nashua

Denean Blackburn of Nashua

Bryson Herring of Nashua

Holly Reed of Nashua

Brandon Nguyen of Nashua

Nola Hesby of Nashua

Trevor Deane of Nashua

Thomas Stover of Amherst

Sarah Jones of Merrimack

Madeline Manganello of Nashua

Cory Barrett of Temple

Alejandro Ocampo of Merrimack

Meaghan Winn of Bedford

Frankie Florian of Bedford

Anna Corrao of Bedford

Jonathan Hyde of Bedford

Kristen Raust of Bedford

Elisa Fischer of Bedford

Hannah Purcell of Bedford

Jenna Gosselin of Bedford

Nicole Hallett of Mason

Gwenyth Hale of Amherst

Noah Levin of Amherst

Ronald Rees of Amherst

Patrick Dee of Amherst

Alison Bowman of Amherst

Kirsten LaFleur of Brookline

Michelle Ettelson of Hollis

Zachary Thomas of Hudson

Cameryn Boland of Hudson

Christian Strobel of Merrimack

Emily Beard of Merrimack

Aisha Amel Daigle of Nashua

Michael Brideau of Nashua

Jennifer Halloran of Nashua

Briana Bikombe of Nashua

Jacqueline O’Connell of Nashua

Marko Novcic of Bedford

Thomas Carlson of Amherst

Isabella Zampieri of Brookline

Jonathan Cooper of Hudson

Alexei Baranov of Merrimack

Brianna Perry of Nashua

Dominique Lui of Nashua

Christina Higginson of Nashua

Adonis Singleton of Nashua

Zoe Graham of Bedford

Althea Gere of Bedford

Kristina Czoschke of Bedford

Megan Murphy of Bedford

Rachael Facey of Amherst

Emile Hobeika of Merrimack

Patrick Sullivan of Nashua

Sara Lemos of Nashua

Jake Redman of Nashua

Jack Briggs of Nashua

Samuel Main of New Ipswich

Bryan Fyfe of Bedford

Christopher Smith of Hollis

Erika Gareri of Hudson

Sara Cordova of Merrimack

Michael Pellitteri of Milford

Brier Haigh of New Ipswich

Jordan Strickler of Bedford

Kayleigh Moquin of Bedford

Andrea Bentley-Melle of Amherst

Donald Waldron of Amherst

Emily Stauble of Amherst

Idolyn Carnahan of Amherst

Patrick Wall of Amherst

Nathan Gunter of Amherst

Brendan O’connor of Brookline

Steven Christle of Brookline

Alexi Migneault of Brookline

Samantha Razzaboni of Brookline

Shae Berry of Hollis

Jacob Downing of Hollis

Kyle Szewczyk of Hollis

Krystal Fournier of Hudson

Seth Kingsley of Hudson

Ryan Mathis of Hudson

Justin Thomas of Hudson

Brayden Reichenbach of Hudson

Chante Jones of Hudson

Rachael Craig of Litchfield

Jake Emmons of Litchfield

Sarena Dyac of Litchfield

Brian Stisser of Merrimack

Kimberly Eosue of Merrimack

Kimberly Chouinard of Merrimack

Robert Link of Merrimack

Russell Anderson of Merrimack

Vitali Baranov of Merrimack

Devyn Cady of Merrimack

Katelyn Baron of Milford

Ryan DeBardi of Milford

Taylor McNeil of Milford

Robert Thompson of Milford

Jacquelyn Boucher of Milford

Taylor Steinbrecher of Milford

Olivia Masters of Mont Vernon

Jena Corkhum of Nashua

Samuel Harris of Nashua

Zachary Zalman of Nashua

Tiffany Resillas of Nashua

Connor Thompson of Nashua

Lea Iuliano of Nashua

Daniel Pinheiro of Nashua,

Michael Noke of Nashua

Amy Flaherty of Nashua

Raja Abraham James of Nashua

Samantha Bartol of Nashua

Ethan Paulsen of Nashua

Robert Chisholm of Nashua

Krystina Charron of New Ipswich

Michelle Paradise of New Ipswich

Andrew Reid of Wilton

Catherine Parsons of Bedford

Eileen Keefe of Bedford

Kristin Baker of Bedford

Ryan Landon of Bedford

Michael Landman of Bedford

Stacey Dick of Bedford

Matthew Ahnen of Bedford

Maxwell Sullivan of Bedford

Christopher Grande of Bedford

Jared Grondin of Bedford

Tyler O’Brien of Bedford

Savannah Hayes of Bedford

Jeffrey Street of Bedford

Vermont Tech

Olivia Mendes Machado of Merrimack

Dean’s List

Canisius College

Erica Meehan of Amherst

Cedar Crest College

Brenna Desborough of Amherst

Connecticut College

Zoe Bertone of Brookline

Sonya Chung of Nashua

Andrea Mello of Nashua

Georgia Institute of Technology

Rajit Khanna of Nashua

Jack MacLeod of Hollis

Lasell University

Caitlin Ernst of Hudson

Alexander Murphy of Merrimack

Claire Gardiner of Nashua

Kaitlyn Hennessy of Hudson

Kelly Mooney of Merrimack

Katherine Peters of Amherst

Sarena Widtfeldt of Nashua

LeTourneau University

Riley Howe of Londonderry

Nichols College

Sam Kluger of Nashua

Matthew Manning of Hudson

Stephen Valade of Nashua


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