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Horoscopes by Holiday for July 11

Some look back on their home of origin with warm and loving feelings. Others look back in pain. In the final hours of the Mercury retrograde in Cancer, we may blame problems on the way we were brought up, though even the worst scenarios have benefits such as nurturing a survival instinct or ...

Horoscopes by Holiday for July 10

The intuitive Pisces moon would like to remind us that the body has its own intelligence. Your muscles, bones and cells hold the energy of things forgotten and things you don't know yet. The body is particularly keen on what's happening right exactly now. Ask your tension spots and tender areas ...

Horoscopes by Holiday for July 9

The soulful Pisces lunar persuasion comes at the end of a long Mercury retrograde. Between the soul-searching and the narrative of "did I communicate the right thing to get me where I need to go?" this could be a long day for anyone who is not quite sure about their path. And that is pretty ...

Horoscopes by Holiday for July 8

Most life lessons are obvious, though some are so convoluted that it takes a very organized mind to find the point. As Mercury retrograde forms a square to Mars, there will be frustrations in which it is difficult to see a good takeaway. Let this be a creativity challenge. With more ...

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Frank & Ann celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Frank & Ann Farr of Milford are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! They have raised three kids and have 6 grandchildren. Something they have taught us all, is what it means to be in a relationship and to continue to have it grow. Family has always come first. Wishing you many ...

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Kristen Morin and Michael Germaske

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morin of Brookline, NH are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Kristen Morin to Michael Germaske, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Germaske of Somerset, NJ. Kristen and Michael are 2012 graduates of the University of New Hampshire, where the two met. Kristen is ...

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